Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a shift in shapes

A lovely Wornette gave me this skirt her mom thrifted on Tuesday, and I couldn't wait to wear it. I had been looking for something in a print exactly like this all summer, so it's funny that it fell into my hands the way it did. I also had an urge to cut off my hair, and this was the result. I had wanted it a bit shorter, but am enjoying the change regardless.

Monday, July 25, 2011

found and followed

How enjoyable are these photos from founders & followers? They exude the perfect mix of whimsicality and restlessness. They remind me exactly of how I have been for the past several weeks, wandering around my apartment, barefoot and lethargic- except in way better clothes.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

valley of the dolls

Last Sunday I received this lovely gift from my bestest friend, Lindsay. This box was full of amazing little trinkets, all themed Valley of the Dolls. It was the perfect mx of dark humour (the canister below is filled with vodka, and the earrings came in a tiny box full of pills- tylenol I assure you), practicality (a new lipstick is always needed), and whimsical softness. Also, I am slowly but surely building my vintage slip collection, and this one is such a stunning addition.

Friday, July 8, 2011

pressed flowers

I took these photos this morning in the lovely house I have been sleeping in. Sometimes it can be wonderful waking up in a new and unfamiliar space (especially when it's basically your dream home). Spending the evening in my own apartment has been nice though, and I feel like I'm  finally getting some projects out of the way. The headdress is something I stitched together the evening before, and I'm hoping to make a few variations on  it within the next week for guests to wear at my Birthday party. After I'm through with them, I was thinking about selling them in my Etsy shop, so let me know if you're at all interested.