Wednesday, September 29, 2010

girls become lovers

I want to stare at each other's faces for six minutes and forty-nine seconds. Pull your eye brow hairs, and you can press the front of my hair flat around the curve of my ear. I want to map the patterns of our eyes moving. We have done this by mistake, but I want to set it out.

*I must apologize for being so removed lately. A new apartment on my own, lovely readings and beginning an internship at this amazing journal has been taking up my thoughts.

Monday, September 27, 2010


She brought her knees towards her chest and her body became a lightning bolt. He placed the thin sheet that had crumpled at her feet over her body, being careful not to close the circuit. At this point, he would have liked to be in possession of a broomstick, mop handle or something of the like. He would fasten a piece of timber between her thighs, and align it with the little ceramic knob marking the center of the bowl of light attached to his ceiling. Rippled linens would cascade like a circus tent around her body. If she opened her eyes at that moment she would have been disappointed. From the inside should wouldn’t have seen the eight tiny men that pulled to the east and west with all their gust to keep the structure erect. This is how she thought of tents as a child. Nevertheless, it was good that in his imagined moment she didn’t wake. She would have laughed at the image of the eight little men. The cut of her laughter would have only infuriated him more. He couldn’t conceive of such visions on his own.

*this lovely image was borrowed from the wonderful Kim's post The Days of Blanket Houses

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silence and Noise

Locate I

love you some-

where in

teeth and

eyes, bite

it but

take care not

to hurt, you

want so

much so

little. Words

say everything.


love you


then what

is emptiness

for. To

fill, fill.

I heard words

and words full

of holes

aching. Speech

is a mouth.

This poem titled 'The Language' by Robert Creeley has taken over my life this week. His reading of it is uncomfortable at first, but I absolutely love it and suggest all you wonderfuls give it a listen here. On another note, I have drawn the lucky winner of my first giveaway! Thank you all for your lovely entries, but the winner is......Kiss Me Quick! Make sure you send me your mailing address to so I can mail you you're new darling bag and scarf!

*photograph borrowed from Lauryn Holmquist, check out her photostream!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

passion turns to sheer compulsion

A perfect fall, inside and out. Venetia Scott for Orla Kiely AW10.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

First Giveaway Yay!

Just a quick post before I'm off to my grandparent's cottage for a much needed long weekend! As you surely got from the title of the post, this is going to be my first giveaway! You all are so lovely and so I want to give something just as charming back to you! I came across this darling little purse while thrifting, and it was too cute to pass up! (the gold emblem you see in the picture actually has mickey mouse on it, how kitch!) I was planning on putting it up in my new Etsy shop, Shall I Love You Vintage, but decided to give it away to you instead! I thought this yellow scarf would be a great addition to the giveaway, I find tying a scarf to any bag adds a little romance. If you want to enter the giveaway, there are a few different ways.

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