Friday, April 29, 2011

sweet from toil

If you know me, then you also know of my obsession with vintage lingerie. Most of you have probably seen The Loved One everywhere lately, but I couldn't resist posting these treasures on a slow Friday evening. Hannah Kristina Metz is such a babette. Must remember to post about her later.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

there is a cure

This is what I wore to work yesterday, before getting drenched by a rain storm. I was going to try to make a cropped lace top like this myself, but then caved and bought this one from H&M. Sigh. Hopefully I'll get some flowers for these lonely pots in the next few weeks. Spring is being all too elusive right now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I love you like a mountain

These are some photos I took this weekend at a railroad track behind my house. It was so lovely out (finally) that my shoulders got reddened in the sun. The rest of the weekend I spent watching Boardwalk Empire, eating Easter treats, and letting ghosts walk in and out of my room.

Friday, April 22, 2011

today I forced myself to start writing again. this is what happened.

January September named herself after the months of her grandparents birth. She found it curious how the month in which someone was born could posses such weight in the dozens of months that cycled through a year, even through a lifetime. July had always been the most important month for her, the meat of the paper calendar that she tore from its cellophane wrapping when each new year began. To January, July was the most promising, the most romantic and the most harrowing of all the months, but it was the consistent tumultuousness of these thirty-one days that eventually forced her to change her name. You see, within her home town everyone took the name of the month they were born in. She was raised as July, from that very first July to the final one that marked her death; though in her twenty forth July she adopted January September as an alias. Nevertheless, she lived eighty-six Julys, each one sweeping through her as quickly as the scent of new lilacs swept through the squares of a fly screen. Each sixth month, when the lilacs bloomed, the screen would take the form of her most prominent profile as she inhaled all she could of the ephemeral shrub. “How lovely it would be, to be called upon as June,” she would sigh in jealousy each year when the same branches began to burst with violet buds. And of course in a few weeks when these blooms went afield, she would lament over the terrible curse of the very same name, which retracted its gifts before your memory of the seasons reminded you to snatch up every last bit of lilac and capture them in the crown glass jars that sit in waiting for eleven months and one week of the year.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It was real, and I repent

Classes are over, and after one meeting with my professor, and an exam tomorrow I will be done school (unless I fled to grad school in the next year). Anyway, the only thing really exciting about this outfit is the fact that I am wearing  pants, which is a rare, rare occurance. I like these though, and after a few alterations they will be just perfect. It really does feel like I'm saving all my outfit energy for when warmer weather comes though, which sometimes makes it annoying to get dressed in the morning. I wish I could hibernate the next few weeks away like a bear until the flowers bloom. I'm getting a dog in the upcoming weeks, and have come up with this list of names for her, any suggestions or comments are welcome x.x.x

Janvier or January

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

remember last summer, when we had the chance

I must apologize about how awkward I have been at taking photos lately. Today I went for a little bike ride, then sat in my backyard with Bingley writing letters and listening to a lot of She & Him (flashback to last summer!). It was quite lovely. I  may try my hand at making something tonight, though I'm not sure what yet. I had yet to wear this button down white blouse since buying it last summer, but it has the most darling embroidery down the front. I'm just never sure what to pair it with.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

little bit

 My best friend Lindsay always gets me the greatest birthday presents, so I really hope she likes these. I can't stop wearing long skirts, so I think this dress was a bit of a selfish gift as I'm hoping to borrow it sometime in the future. I also found an adorable pouch/necklace at Tomorrow Never Knows and couldn't resist getting it for her (and also might have to get one for myself from their etsy). Also below, my darling Bingley who seemed to work too well with the color scheme of this post to resist sneaking his photo in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Lately I'm dreaming of places where I knew photographs once were. I scratch my fingers on the wall where I know the frame resides, feel nothing, and I keep scratching. In waking it doesn't end. My actions scare me, and render me worthless. I allow myself to be disposable. I run away from the ghosts on the street, and in the night run naked to their beds. The bridge of my nose is cut and bruised from cement, and I look at it in the mirror thinking I deserve as much. In a few days the bruise will be yellow and I will be naked in bed again, longing for someone to have the patience to love me.
Ignore the calls in the middle of the night and see me clothed in daylight.

photographs borrowed  from