Friday, December 31, 2010

my heart's learned to kill

I finally took some pictures of my new winter coat, though it was kind of a cloudy (but really warm) day. I also found the most darling vintage slip that I am going to try to fashion into a dress for tonight's festivities. Also, it seems like everyone is doing little 'best of 2010' posts, and it's got me thinking about my favorite parts of the year. Here's a short list:
Montreal Trip
Peterborough Mini Road Trip
Writing (and receiving) Letters (I promise to be a better pen pal this year!)
Dancing in a kiddy pool to Whitney Houston (while in a bar)
Parties in the park
My own apartment
Starting my internship at Worn
Light Boxes
Homemade videos to Beyonce
Vintage Nine West Oxfords (I miss you!)
My sister and her boyfriend buying a house and getting the most adorable puppy
My parents taking me thrifting
all of your lovely comments!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

a childish game, but I love to be young

Burrowing beneath frost, our little heartbeats will stay safe until we dig them up. Our mouths will be too full to speak, so we'll say things like 'stay' and 'listen' with our arms and backs.
We play pretend in a nest of wires and twigs.

These two songs explain everything I can't right now, and the second one is a video for a song I have loved forever but didn't know a video existed for, so yay! This crazy wonderful sweater was a gift from Lindsay, don't I have the greatest gift giving friends? It has some amazing beading and sequin action that I just love, and can't wait to wear over and over.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

stars hide your fires, these here are my desires

Aren't early Christmas gifts the bestest? This lovely red top was a gift from my friend Jessica. I never really thought I was into red, but the lovely lace detail on the shoulder seems to be helping me change my mind.
  And I do feel much more festive while wearing it x.x.x

Saturday, December 18, 2010

losing love is like a window in your heart

A cardigan that my dad bought me on a recent trip home, that I don't wear nearly enough yet.
I'm loving this right now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm not going to write you to stay

This is just a collage I made for my lovely secret santa, Marysa at Worn. I found this old jewellery box at the salvation army and pasted the collage to the inside lid. Later Marsya and I discussed having a collage party and or exhibition. Is collaging anyone elses like, favorite hobby? If so, I would love to see your lovely work!
In more news I officially got approved for a Directed Research course at my university! I will be studying representations of femininity in nature in Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping.
Sorry for nerding all over this post x.x.x

Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm just sitting on the shelf

Aren't cable knit sweaters the coziest? After a weekend full of silly boys, my new navy cardigan was just the cuddle I needed. In more fun news, my peter pan how to guide went up on Worn Fashion Journal today!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

you'll never grow up, or be a man.



I wake up lusting after any sense of normality. As the sheets settle, we roll off each side of the bed to the floor and are gone again. This monthly itch that inhabits us, a lamp who's shade covers a browning bulb. I  take more and more of same kinds, and fan your calling cards on my grandfather's lacquered hutch. "Come to me when you will," I murmur across cobwebs under my bed.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Only son, what you love is more than you can afford

"Today I could call you marigold," he yelled out to her. She responded silently, settling herself on the lattice. She couldn't figure out whether they lied the most at dusk or in daylight.

Friday, December 3, 2010

the hunters and the huntress

Little Doe's headwear makes me want to run around outside playing hide and seek or Cowboys and Indians. It's funny how putting something so beautiful on your head can make you suddenly want to explore forests or climb trees. I think I need to start stocking up on headdresses for next years summer adventures. Though by the looks of the huge lioness feather headband, winter adventures can be quite fun, too.
Little Doe also has a charming website called Little Doe is Love, that you can visit here.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wondering if she changed at all, if her hair was still red

These are just some lovely treasures found in my apartment that I couldn't resist sharing. The drawing is a darling card that Kim sent me along with a wonderful letter which I can't wait to respond to. The scarf is the Spanish Riding Academy of Vienna one that I was talking about, and couldn't not take some photos of it before I send it off to a secret lovely. As you can gather, there is a whole lotta lovely going on.

Monday, November 29, 2010

where the air is clean

Gia Coppola is a darling.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

dig your heels in little girl, put them to the test

Today I discovered a bridge leading to the waterfront. It was so lovely, I can't wait to visit again. I also went into a shop where every item I would stop to look at, the shop owner would give me a brief history of. He was the most adorable thing, and I left with a Scarf from the Spanish Riding Academy in Vienna and Earmuffs. I hope everyone else had a lovely day, too xoxo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

never know when you're behind that angle

with a tranquilizer gun in your sweet hands.

Unsettling dreams that make me want to stay inside all day with my chin tucked to my knees. I would rather dream about hairy monsters than you.
This is definitely saving me though.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I'll keep run, running away.

Hopefully more days are ahead filled with letter writing, picture taking, visiting all you lovelies, and cafe scribblings.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Quietly he sat between the folds of a tree trunk


As my little hooves begin to scramble. And they scrape the half frosted ground that is melted by mid-day. Words are not sentences with you, but smoke signals. And your streamer of ash twirls upwards and disipates. I fell asleep with my legs in the air.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Lumberjack Held Dear

Aaron woke up one morning, and put his two feet on the floor. He moved the black knob of his bedside radio to on. He sat motionless and his moist feet beginning to stick to the laminate flooring, his ears widening. Casie imagined a tiny lumberjack hiking up the plains of Aaron’s spine. She would often launch into daydreams about this minuscule harvester that marched from one side of Aaron’s body to another. The brown hairs that sprouted like moss on his back and chest would provide ample grounds for exploration and profit.

As he sat now, listening to collections of consonants and vowels that came out of little horizons on the table, Casie imagined the hike. His shoulders slumped forward, but he held the lower half of his torso upright. She thought about whether Aaron’s body would be like earth and maintain its gravitational pull, or shift with each movement. As Aaron made an oval out of the chain necklace that glimmered from the floor, she made herself into a God, and the lumberjack was forced to hack his axe into Aaron’s flesh and hold on for dear life.

He gripped first with one hand, but while kicking his dangling feet, gained the momentum to barrel his other arm to the wooden handle. It swung in such a perfectly circular motion that the lumberjack felt his hands to be those of a grandfather clock. His right arm, the minute hand, was travelling backwards through time, while the hour seized at twelve. His two arms now suffocated the handle which began to spit splinters at his palms. He looked up, not knowing his God lay behind him, and prayed to Aaron’s crown. The lumberjack didn’t know he was religious, but the sight of his two flannel masked arms pointing to this new heaven led his mind to places it had never stumbled upon in his weeks of tree cutting.
From the south, two Appalachians softly pressed into the earth. Their snow crested tips seemed to melt into the hard surface of Aaron’s shoulder blades. They began to flatten, spreading east and west; the lumberjack observed. The earth curved forward and he found himself with his two feet on the ground in the middle of the forest.

Casie brought her arms above Aaron’s shoulders. She didn’t bend them at her elbows to embrace his chest, but extended them forward at an oval portrait of his ancestors. Their bodies together took the shape of an elk, her arms became antlers. At that moment she held from her palms to her shoulder the power of a thousand year old beast.

The lumberjack, adjusting to his new surroundings, looked up to the mountains hanging upside down from the sky. They enclosed him in an alcove amongst the trees of hair. Light tunnelled between these warm walls, and concentrated on a narrow strip of Aaron’s upper vertebrae. He looked at each follicle individually from the root. He was so used to looking up, he had become so hypnotized by the weaving of hairs above his head, that he had forgotten the truth. There was no one overwhelming mass, but individual little prickles. Some only an arms width away from each other. As he measured the distance, he gripped his two fists around parallel hair trees. He grounded his lower body, his two heels creating dimples in the flat skin. He closed his eyes. A rectangle of light spanned from his brow to the bottom of his wild beard. It just missed his eyelids, skimming his tear ducts. The lumberjack angled his body towards the ground, as if someone was stepping on the back two legs of a rocking chair. As the rectangle widened, and stretched to cover his stinging lids, he felt the hair reach its full suspension. Plucked from the root in which it had grown, the lumberjack came to his new ground crashing.

The spring of Aaron’s knees catapulted him off the bedside, with a resounding ‘o’ sound. Casie’s antlers split in two and fell across the width of the mattress.
“Why would you do that?” Aaron asked, softly covering where the prick had occurred. Casie regarded him with the wide eyes of a deer.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

girls become lovers

I want to stare at each other's faces for six minutes and forty-nine seconds. Pull your eye brow hairs, and you can press the front of my hair flat around the curve of my ear. I want to map the patterns of our eyes moving. We have done this by mistake, but I want to set it out.

*I must apologize for being so removed lately. A new apartment on my own, lovely readings and beginning an internship at this amazing journal has been taking up my thoughts.

Monday, September 27, 2010


She brought her knees towards her chest and her body became a lightning bolt. He placed the thin sheet that had crumpled at her feet over her body, being careful not to close the circuit. At this point, he would have liked to be in possession of a broomstick, mop handle or something of the like. He would fasten a piece of timber between her thighs, and align it with the little ceramic knob marking the center of the bowl of light attached to his ceiling. Rippled linens would cascade like a circus tent around her body. If she opened her eyes at that moment she would have been disappointed. From the inside should wouldn’t have seen the eight tiny men that pulled to the east and west with all their gust to keep the structure erect. This is how she thought of tents as a child. Nevertheless, it was good that in his imagined moment she didn’t wake. She would have laughed at the image of the eight little men. The cut of her laughter would have only infuriated him more. He couldn’t conceive of such visions on his own.

*this lovely image was borrowed from the wonderful Kim's post The Days of Blanket Houses

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silence and Noise

Locate I

love you some-

where in

teeth and

eyes, bite

it but

take care not

to hurt, you

want so

much so

little. Words

say everything.


love you


then what

is emptiness

for. To

fill, fill.

I heard words

and words full

of holes

aching. Speech

is a mouth.

This poem titled 'The Language' by Robert Creeley has taken over my life this week. His reading of it is uncomfortable at first, but I absolutely love it and suggest all you wonderfuls give it a listen here. On another note, I have drawn the lucky winner of my first giveaway! Thank you all for your lovely entries, but the winner is......Kiss Me Quick! Make sure you send me your mailing address to so I can mail you you're new darling bag and scarf!

*photograph borrowed from Lauryn Holmquist, check out her photostream!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

passion turns to sheer compulsion

A perfect fall, inside and out. Venetia Scott for Orla Kiely AW10.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway below, a perfect little treat is up for grabs!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Giveaway Yay!

Just a quick post before I'm off to my grandparent's cottage for a much needed long weekend! As you surely got from the title of the post, this is going to be my first giveaway! You all are so lovely and so I want to give something just as charming back to you! I came across this darling little purse while thrifting, and it was too cute to pass up! (the gold emblem you see in the picture actually has mickey mouse on it, how kitch!) I was planning on putting it up in my new Etsy shop, Shall I Love You Vintage, but decided to give it away to you instead! I thought this yellow scarf would be a great addition to the giveaway, I find tying a scarf to any bag adds a little romance. If you want to enter the giveaway, there are a few different ways.

 Comment on this post telling me your favorite novel, poem, song, anything really!
Check out my new Etsy shop, Shall I Love You Vintage, and favorite an item or the store, then let me know by leaving a comment on this post!
 Finally if you are a follower of my little blog, or become one, let me know and I will double your entries!

Remember to give me your email in the comment and I will get in touch with the winner!The contest will end next Friday, so you all have one wonderful week! Good luck to all you lovelies xoxo