Friday, December 31, 2010

my heart's learned to kill

I finally took some pictures of my new winter coat, though it was kind of a cloudy (but really warm) day. I also found the most darling vintage slip that I am going to try to fashion into a dress for tonight's festivities. Also, it seems like everyone is doing little 'best of 2010' posts, and it's got me thinking about my favorite parts of the year. Here's a short list:
Montreal Trip
Peterborough Mini Road Trip
Writing (and receiving) Letters (I promise to be a better pen pal this year!)
Dancing in a kiddy pool to Whitney Houston (while in a bar)
Parties in the park
My own apartment
Starting my internship at Worn
Light Boxes
Homemade videos to Beyonce
Vintage Nine West Oxfords (I miss you!)
My sister and her boyfriend buying a house and getting the most adorable puppy
My parents taking me thrifting
all of your lovely comments!


Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

So lovely. Beautiful location & you can so pull of the turban. So few people can xx

Fleur said...

really love that coat, especially the fur collar! it looks so good on you!
i wish you a magical 2011!

hannah, heart city said...

great coat! happy new year :-)

rebecca said...

i love lists, and it makes your year sound amazing! i hope 2011's even better for you (:

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and was happily going through your archives when I thought I should drop you a note before proceeding any further.

This is a wonderful recap of your year you have over here. I wonder how your experience has been at Worn. I have always wanted to intern at that fabulous magazine. :)

Look forward to hearing from you


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