Wednesday, September 29, 2010

girls become lovers

I want to stare at each other's faces for six minutes and forty-nine seconds. Pull your eye brow hairs, and you can press the front of my hair flat around the curve of my ear. I want to map the patterns of our eyes moving. We have done this by mistake, but I want to set it out.

*I must apologize for being so removed lately. A new apartment on my own, lovely readings and beginning an internship at this amazing journal has been taking up my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

lovely song!

B r i said...

where did you go pretty girl?
i sent you a letter? did you get it? it was poorly written and lame. i hope you are well!

rebecca said...

i hope your internship is going well (: i love foals <3

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

This song is so amazing. And the video. Love what Foals have been doing lately.