Saturday, April 9, 2011

little bit

 My best friend Lindsay always gets me the greatest birthday presents, so I really hope she likes these. I can't stop wearing long skirts, so I think this dress was a bit of a selfish gift as I'm hoping to borrow it sometime in the future. I also found an adorable pouch/necklace at Tomorrow Never Knows and couldn't resist getting it for her (and also might have to get one for myself from their etsy). Also below, my darling Bingley who seemed to work too well with the color scheme of this post to resist sneaking his photo in.

5 comments: said...

suterabbit and LOVEthemaxi dress.i'mgonnamake one soon :P

Sarah said...

Ooooh that rabbit is so cute!
Nice finds!


Paola said...


Caitlin Rose said...

haha cut rabbit : ) and i also need to get some longer skirts. lovely dress.


caitlin rose

emily said...

these are beautiful gifts! you're a wonderful friend :) xxx