Tuesday, April 12, 2011

remember last summer, when we had the chance

I must apologize about how awkward I have been at taking photos lately. Today I went for a little bike ride, then sat in my backyard with Bingley writing letters and listening to a lot of She & Him (flashback to last summer!). It was quite lovely. I  may try my hand at making something tonight, though I'm not sure what yet. I had yet to wear this button down white blouse since buying it last summer, but it has the most darling embroidery down the front. I'm just never sure what to pair it with.


Erika said...

I adore your blog, and your style! I really love the cardigan and blouse together, great combination! You are lovely.

Max said...

glorious pictures, sweetie!

Kim said...

You look lovely miss brown :)
I'm so excited to receive your letter, i feel like i have a million things to tell you. x.x.x.

Briana Teresa said...

You paired it wonderfully! It's quite a darling shirt. And I love She&Him. and letter writing. and your blog. <3

Rosa Rot said...

you look so pretty and your rabbit is soo cute :)


Anonymous said...

love these pics, your rabbit is sooo cute!!

louisa said...

awww i really like the photo with the bike:) nice outfit!

kisses from london xxx

S and O said...

Ohmygosh what a cute little bunny!!

Julia Topaz said...

Your blog is lovely! And that rabbit is so so so so so adorable.