Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'll smile before you cry

This is something I found written in my old notebook. I believe it came out of weeks of watching Pride and Prejudice with Lindsay and studying Keira Knightly's jaw.

He smiles as if there is something behind it.
She smiled as if there were something in her mouth.
Not words; something palpable. A word often used by them both.
Don't stop. An invisible mouth guard. A sliced orange.
Just as if something had been removed.
Bite. bite down now, try it.
I tried it with my mouth closed, afraid passersby would think I am faking chewing.
What is it that is missing between her top and bottom teeth?
Its absence seems beautiful. In fact I think that's why she does it.
Hollowing her face like she had always wanted,
while looking as if she had something to say.
It's best to examine the hours in which she does it.
When an old man, sitting like she on a green-grate park bench speaks to himself.
In the mirror, when she talks to herself.
In her most intimate moments. Writhing, pulsating and concentrating on every muscle in her lower body.
Her jaw is placed in this beautiful, unassuming way. Creates an under bite, deep in thought.
Her body always was the author, the poetic.

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