Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The New Romantic

It was my Sunday off from work, and I was flipping through a magazine while standing against the bookshelf in our living room. I came across a fashion spread titled The New Romantics.
I have always considered myself a Romantic, but looking at the images, I felt completely disconnected. When did I become the jaded 21 year old girl shooting sarcastic remarks at any guy who approached? It was time to reconnect with the girl I somehow lost in the last few years. So I dedicated the entire day to romance, with myself. The following photos document my day. From getting ready in my bedroom, to resting on a park bench, I once again felt able to capture the romanticism of my day, and hope you all can do the same.

With Love,

P.S watching the elderly couple was probably the best moment of my day. Kate Nash's 'Birds' was playing and I may have shed a few tears. But I guess a few tears now and then accompany romance quite nicely.

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gracious said...

I still call myself a secret admirer...