Monday, July 27, 2009

Style Retrospective

Vada Sultenfuss. I may have just been shy of 7 years old when I fell for her. Peasant blouses one day, suspenders and striped t-shirts the next, what may now seem like a boyish and simplistic tween wardrobe became my aesthetic dream. I can recall wearing a white and blue blouse reminiscent of the infamous lipstick/blue eye shadow scene, alongside my favorite and most likely only accessory; my mood ring. Oval shaped and sparkles resting in a glass setting, it never left my hand (my mother can attest to this). While Vada was reunited with her mood-ring at the expense of her best friend Thomas J's life, I seem to have got lucky. While in my old bedroom I looked through my room (as I always do) hoping to find old treasures to bring back into my wardrobe. Coming across the ring I didn't think much, but put it on; it now only fitting my pinky. I put the ring back in the drawer that it was stored in, and didn't think much of it. Watching My Girl this evening however stirred me to be on the lookout for a new mood ring(not to mention cutoff shorts, overalls and red hats) to pay homage to my previous obsession with Vada.
To my first style icon,
xoxo Casie

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