Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Spaces

I've been slowly getting settled into my new apartment, putting off decorating as I wait for some space prints and map inserts to arrive in the mail. This is what I have done thus far in my bedroom. I'm enjoying adding the smaller details daily; a dress hanging here, or putting up a photograph there.

I found this perfect metal shelf in late August, and had been saving it until I moved, so happy to finally put it to use.

I spotted this shelf in our new backyard, which at the moment is an enormous pile of wood, doors and old windows. I have to stop myself from scavenging it daily. 

I found this dress at the Queensville Antique Mall, while visiting my parents. It's in need of a few minor alterations, but was too beautiful to resist for only $10. I can see many spring days lounging on our rooftop patio in this.

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kalie brynn. said...

pretty, pretty things. that is my favorite part about settling in, too - adding the tiny, personal touches that make your place home. it's therapeutic after the stress of actually moving. that shelf was in a pile?? wow, good find! definitely should not be thrown away. you've made wonderful use of it.