Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it's too old and cold and settled in it's ways here.

Some photos I found that are assisting me out of this dry well I seem to have stumbled into.
 The Tallest Man on Earth
 Lonely Hearts
Faye Dunaway

I'm in need of  inspiration. Please come swiftly.


mckenzie. said...

I could do with some, also. Such a dreary time it is for me. Your blog serves as a pick-me-up. :) x

B r i said...

Casie-so glad to check in on your blog again. beautiful things and thoughts! send me your address again. i'm sending everyone valentines!

Pip said...

What a lovely photo combinations! I wouldn't say your out of inspiration. XX

Sarah said...

oh yes, oh yes. <3 i do love you rather a lot.

FATTY said...

hy. nice to visit your blog. nice blog. i like it