Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the sparrow and the medicine

These photos were taken on a day when I was feeling very, very sick (which seems most evident in the last photo!), so this song seemed appropriate for the title of the post. Luckily I have recovered since then, and found them on my camera! The necklace is one that my dad bought me on Christmas eve, and it has the loveliest sparrow charm. This blouse was given to me by a wonderful girl who, before moving to California, gave away most of her clothing. I hadn't worn it that much until lately, but it's slowly becoming a favorite. Are any of your favorite clothes hand-me-downs?


Catherine said...

I think all of my favorite clothes are hand me downs..
I think all of my clothes are hand me downs.
I know what you mean about clothes slowly becoming your favorite!

Caroline said...

That lace top is beautiful and i love the necklace!

mckenzie. said...

i am very jealous of that birdie necklace. gorgeous!