Sunday, May 30, 2010


The past few weeks have been host to so many little splendid moments that it will be hard to name them all, but I'm going to try through both photograph and the written word. The first gem on the list was brought to me by my temporary (but loved) roommate, Jen. She lent me this album a few weeks ago, and I am so smitten with it. The band is called ARLT, and they are from Paris. I couldn't find out much about them, but here is a snippet of the description from their myspace that I just loved :
"Eloïse Decazes, she appears, she disappears; she condenses on the window panes and offers her flesh to bite. Her singing, that of a siren on a dried land, an exhausted prophetess, a bashful lover, a bust swing. Her voice, ageless, may be centuries old of age, or maybe a few minutes, endlessly resumed. Sing Sing plays the guitar like his pulse orders him to; battered, delicate and coarse, ever on the merry edge of total collapse. Here emerge distant echoes of old rural blues, folk music turned upside down"

These other little treasures are so darling, I'm surprised I could fit them all in one frame without my camera spontaneously exploding from the goodness. From left to right we have my new two-toned oxfords (which you may remember appeared on a previous shopping list post), a knee length floral skirt that I thrifted on our first beach day of summer last week, Light Boxes by Shane Jones (which is tempting me to cheat on Lolita), and a pair of high-waisted floral shorts that I have been revisiting for months at Silver Falls Vintage. The most prized possession of the bunch however, is the lovely hanging basket (minus the hanging part) that is spilling into the frame of each photo, as well as this corner of my kitchen. I decided to name him Stanford, and am hoping I will actually be able to keep him alive and thriving. Despite the obvious loveliness of Stanford, my real love for this plant is not strictly of aesthetic basis, but sentimentality. Stanford's arrival to our home was quite the adventure, and marks one of the first great nights of this summer. I must definitely give big thanks to Andrew for helping 'aquire' Stanford.

*while I would love to retell the circumstances of Stanford's arrival, for legality's sake they shall remain undisclosed.


 Kim said...

What a lovely post, i don't know about your camera but i feel i might explode. I love that band, thank you kindly for introducing them to me. My friend is in love with parisian music so i must show her them.

I envy your dress, skirt & mostly your shoes (i remember the list fondly.)

Please can you let me know how you find both the books, they are both on my want/wish/need list and it would be interesting to hear what you think.

Take care x

Casie Jean said...

I'm slowly getting through Lolita, and it is a true pleasure to read. I keep peeking into Light Boxes, then setting it down because I don't want to ruin it by taking little bites at it.
thanks for the lovely comment, I will definitely let you know how I find them!
p.s you're first letter is almost ready!

 Kim said...

woooo so excited :) x

A. said...

I love Oxfords. It's the greatest tragedy that I haven't found myself a pair.

A from A + B in the Sea