Monday, May 31, 2010


somewhere between longing, desire and compulsion we make our plan.
while milk pools about my feet, you materialize, a thin white crust on the inside of my shower curtain.
a soaken and soapy thumb, just grazing the surface, will become a permanence.

we never meet.

*inspiration: Milk, Clean, (borrowed photograph)


 Kim said...

I love this post... majorly dreamy. milky milky too.

Catherine said...

What a lovely photo! Your blog is so entrancing.

kalie brynn. said...

did you write this? I love it. what an ethereal post. My name is Kalie, I just stumbled on you blog, and am looking forward to more from you! You have a beautiful blog.

Casie Jean said...

thanks lovely girls! the photo is from, and yes I did write it...oh morning musings

CC said...

This is such a wonderful post! :)