Thursday, June 3, 2010

Permanent Bedtime


It's been a blah few days, and the down turned leaves outside my window are not beckoning me to come out of my bed. Maybe some live music tonight, provided by the lovely roommie Baby June, will help.
Here is a strange list that has been floating around my uninspired head lately.
Favourite Boy Names:

All my favorites right now sound like characters out of a Mark Twain novel. What are some of yours?
Do tell.


Kim said...

very mark twain.
I love finnigan :) very irish.
I know a fionn, but he's fionnley (weird spelling)

I love the name olive for a girl, but no one else does. My mum says if i call her granddaughter that she might disown me :(. But i think it sounds sweet... baby olive, i gave birth to a olive, i olive her. I'm rambling. Basically i like the name olive. Actually any old names. x

Casie Jean said...

actually my roommates sister and her boyfriend want to have a boy and girl and name them oliver and olivia. And my professor's daughter's name is olive. So something about olive must be in the air.
I think that it's a darling name!

Catherine said...

mmm I like the name Beckett. I also like the name Michael. It's soft, I think. (Olive is sweet, too.)

Catherine said...

Here's a blog award from me to you. <3 It's on my page: