Saturday, June 12, 2010

you lost a man you loved him so, his beard down to the ground

I've been saving these little joys for a rainy day, such as this one. Nobody at theWheel  features random little thoughts typewritten on used scraps of paper. They range from the romantic to the absurd, and these are just a few of my favorites for all you lovelies.


I'm not certain that things like these are aiding to pull me out of the meloncoly mood I have been in lately. Some of them do make me smile though, or at least feel like braving the rainy day. On the bright side, I'm not alone in my sluggish ways, my vet referred to my bunny as being lethargic too as of late. I also had an offsetting dream that desperately needs to be shaken off.

*raindrops of inspiration: soko, bubble bath, lily's eyes


Kim said...

Casie you are perfect
"shall i love you said the swallow" Oscar Wilde right? happy prince. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE Oscar Wilde's fairytales. You are like a canadian me.
Plus lily'e eyes is one of my favourite song. it took me like 5 listens to realise it was about harry potter, silly girl. i love these typewriter notes, so intriguing .x.x.x

Casie Jean said...

i just adore this part of happy prince, especially how he describes the reed as coquettish.
I have never read Harry Potter,so I have failed to see the parallels(now don't I feel like the silly girl, apropriating songs about a wizard to be about myself!)

Kim said...

phew, i feel better now, sorry it's at your expense. Never read potter? really?
i love the repetition of "swallow, swallow little swallow", you know it's coming every time. genius, i want a dad that'll write amazing tales like that for me. Lucky wilde children. x.x.x

Little Sparrow said...

These are just so lovely, especially the first one.

Oscar Wilde is one of my great loves. Him and Stephen Fry, of course.


Polly said...

These are so lovely! I love the "Can we just sit here" one!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog. These typewriter notes have a sweet, fragile feel to them. Gorgeous post.

kalie brynn. said...

I love your new blog name! it is so fitting with your sweet blog. These are too neat, I like them a lot. Imagine if you were to come across one of these, lost somewhere...wouldn't that be interesting? The stories you could imagine behind them..hmmm.