Monday, June 21, 2010

princesses, florals and ducklings

Back from a most lovely weekend away cottaging! My bests, Lindsay and Jessica, and myself got out of the city for a few days at Jessica's cottage. What probably should have been three relaxing days turned into thrifting, mini putting, karaoke-ing, and an adventure to a twelve year old's birthday party. In between all that wildness, we managed to lounge in the sun and frolic about the cottage in sparkly crowns that Jessica bought just for the occasion. As always, I brought along a disposable camera. I just love the anticipation that comes along with getting the photos developed! The following are my favorite from the batch, and were taken at the absolutely adorable Taylor's birthday bash. There was twister, cake, duckies, and one little girl in a floor length dress and gloves that was just too cute for words!

I also managed to check quite a few things off my summer to do list. One, I got the bestest pair of sunglasses that I absolutely love (which are in basically every photo because I didn't take them off after the second of purchase!). Two, I finally got a floral bandeaux which I'm sure will be appearing on the blog very soon. And finally, Lindsay and I worked on a top secret project that we have been talking about forever! (it is ultra embarrassing, but maybe I will post it just for the sake of spreading laughter to all you lovelies). Oh, and an added bonus was this lovely floral jumper (in the last photo) that I came across in a tiny thrift store in town. I think it works like magic with the purple crown...Though it was such an enchanting weekend away, I can't wait to catch up on what all you wonderful darlings have been dreaming up while I was away!

*one tiny but great part of the weekend was when this came on in the shop where I got my glasses and bandeaux. I think I jumped for joy then exclaimed that 'it was my song, how perfect'. I need to start keeping my behaviour in front of strangers in check.


gracious said...

Gee whiz! I just made some ridiculous cooing noises and popped out a few squeals too when I saw those little ducklings. Too lovely, trop mignon.

kalie brynn. said...

You have the best taste in everything, I love this post. Your sunglasses are perfect, that is definitely a mission of mine to find the perfect pair. Goodness knows I need them in this summer sunshine!
What sweet baby ducks!! Oh my, I think I'm in love with them.

A. said...

Sailor hat! A day at a lakeside sounds perfect and I wish I could go out to the country RIGHT NOW.

lavelle said...

lovely photos! looks like a perfect day xx