Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She Has Just Turned into a Puddle

The rain that I woke up with, pitterpattering against my little alcove window has stopped, much to my dismay. I think maybe I just longed for some consistency. If my day started out with a downpour, I would prefer it stay that way. Also, don't we all have those days where navigating through puddles under the shelter of an umbrella seems like the most fun? I always tend to feel like Jeanne Moreau or Jean Seberg when I have to venture out in the rain (though I'm not sure exactly why raindrops lead to French film in my mind) is a picture I found of my sister and I playing at our Grandparent's house on a rainy day. I wish I still had that yellow umbrella!

On a slightly related note, this song has been cheering my rainy work days for the past few weeks. It's fairly old, but I don't think I used to care for it as much as I do now. It seems to describe a sort of middle state that I have been in regarding a certain boy in my life. The song seems to make light of a fairly dismal situation, which I guess is what I have been doing the past few weeks (maybe in my rainy bliss as well!). It would be a lovely day if the rain would keep up and I could skip through the streets to this...


Kim said...

Casie this is beautiful. I know what you mean about rain, well any weather for that matter. if it's going to rain, rain all day. I hate patchy weather, i suppose i'm needy for consistency too.
That is the most darling photo ever. Puddles are so fun when you are young and wearing wellies (do you know what wellies are, i think it's a english word? ). i love puddle jumping.

Puddles, rain, umbrella scream paris to me tooo, i just imagine darting down the parisian streets with a massive umbrella and trench coat!

I hear the sigur ros song - hoppipolla when it rains. it's such a lovely song and it means puddle jumping. Although i didn't know that, until i looked it up because i don't speak icelandic hehe. x.x.x.

kalie brynn. said...

Beautiful beautiful. I love your posts.

I completely agree, it is always such a bummer if the rain clears up too quickly, I need it to promise to stay...however I am lucky if we even get clouds in my sunny state!

I have a pair of rainboots that I hardly get use of...but I love to splash puddles with them, and not even get wet.

Sweet little picture, your yellow umbrella is darling! As are you:]

A. said...

I love looking at pictures of me and my brothers and sisters as kids! I find it funny how I use to HATE what my mother made me wear (sailor dresses! floral print! lace!) and now I'm dying to find Big Girl replicas. I should really do a post one day.

BTW those brollies are to die for.
A from A Plus B in the Sea

B said...

It's so fun to see pictures of bloggers when they were younger.

And I would have to agree with teh consistency thing. It just makes dressing SO much easier. If there was consistency I wouldn't look stupid bundled up in a jacket and scarves when the sun suddenly comes out to play :P

libys11 said...

aahhh i love feist!!! they have such awesome feel good standout songs! :D

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