Tuesday, June 8, 2010

in my leisure suite, we can press repeat

Aren't picking outfits for concerts the most fun? I am lucky enough to be going to two (hopefully) amazing shows in the upcoming weeks, She&Him as well as Free Energy, Warpaint, and Elliott Brood at NXNE. Concerts for me have always seemed like such all-out magical events, with so much anticipation and awe. In the days leading to each its taking all my strength not to spend all my time dreaming up pretend outfits for the shows. Playing dress-up is fun!

For She&Him I am planning on embracing my oh so girly roots, as I'm sure nearly every girl will be as we stare up in utter awe at Zooey Deschanel. While I currently don't have any dresses that I adore as much as this one, I'm sure I'll be able to muster something up to suit the occasion!
Okay, so granted I took the easy way out when picking this NXNE by going with an already styled Urban Oufitters look, but it was just too perfect to mess with. I came across it when I was compiling my annual UO birthday wishlist (as requested by mumsy). I have been wanting to wear a bandeaux top with a highwaisted skirt for so long now, and I think the sheer cardigan makes it a little more appropriate for a nighttime concert. I find it a little hard to embrace my 'rockerish' side (which I found out last year while dating a guy in a quote on quote 'rock' band) so something like this will  have to do.
I'll keep you posted on what I actually end up wearing!


kalie brynn. said...

I love that you do this, I'm not the only one! Magical was the perfect word choice...I feel like to take in the full experience, one's outfit needs to match the music!

Also, you are SO so lucky to be going to see She & Him. Ah, Zooey and M. Ward are so amazing. Please relate your experience so that I may live vicariously through you!

Btw, perfect outfit choices :] Sometimes I get intimidated to wear my "rockerish" side too! I just get so self conscious about it..But that outfit is definitely rockin.

Little Sparrow said...

Oooh, She and Him! I'm oh-so jealous, wow.

I want those cute little socks, hehe!


Casie Jean said...

I will definitely let you all know how it went! Its tomorrow so I'm very very excited!

And i definitely get self concious anytime i dress 'rockerish' too, Kalie Brynn...so I prefer to think of the look (at least while on me) as rocker-sweet

Catherine said...

That sounds like so much fun! (Jealous) That first outfit is so pretty, socks and all

A. said...

First, great outfit. You know how I LOVE straw hats. My friend and I are going to set up an online shop selling socks and stockings sometime. I'll link you, we sell significantly cheaper than in the States.

On the second, I'm too shy to go out in transparent cover-ups. Snaps that you've got courage!

A from A + B in the Sea

Kim said...

I'm rubbish with plants and flowers. I hope your flower basket recovers to it's fullest bloom. I hate it when such beauty dies. It's such a shame.

She & him...envy much?
I love this post, i love the two-tone oxfords (as you know) and the socks..meow. I want want want.!! x.x.x