Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the desk where you sit inside of a frame

I escaped the city for a few days this past weekend, staying at my parent's house in Queensville. It was definitely the little break I needed, and involved many hours of sunning poolside and sitting in the grass with my dear puppies Charley and Buster. It always amazes me how each time I stay in my old bedroom I find a little treasure from my childhood that somehow manages to still fit into my modern aesthetic. This time it was a porcelain picture frame that I painted at a friend's birthday party when I was around six or seven. The peach color of it is too perfect, as is it's shape. I was tempted to bring it back with me, but thought it best to leave this little gem behind, it being one of my favorite parts of my old room. My family has also discovered my love for thrifting, and offered to drive me all over town in search for newly found treasures to bring back with me. My bounty included:

A set of sheets and pillowcases with an adorable pink rose pattern (not thrifted, but from the bargain shop)

A cute green and cream purse with a gold bow clasp (I'm not sure how much use I will get out of it, so I may just use it for makeup)

A darling coral dress with matching belt that my dad so kindly offered to buy me (after being shocked by the low prices that value village offers on, as he put it, 'really great stuff')


Kim said...

Casie, yes i would love to see picture of your forte that sounds sooo amazing.

What a lovely family you have. My mum always takes me to this little village that has a tiny junk shop i love it. And down the road is a massive antique shop, it's a little more high-end, but i get to go there to pick a piece of vintage jewellery for my birthday yumyumyum. I love that frame. I wish i kept more from my old bedroom. I long for my peachy floral bed sheets now and little embroideries i use to have on my wall.

i keep brooding over my childhood just lately, i miss it x.x.x

Little Sparrow said...

Such lovely finds!

I'm getting a bigger bed soon, so I wont be able to use my favourite floral sheets anymore, it makes me sad. I might have to sew them into pillow cases or something.

The dress is amazing!


Shelley Ann said...

great finds! i love the color of the dress and that bag is adorable!!