Thursday, August 12, 2010

I left my heart to the wild hunt

I went to a charming little place called cafe Bernate yesterday, with a more than darling boy. It had the cutest 1950s diner tables mixed with vintage studded chairs that you would expect to see at Grandma's house. It was just too perfect. This picture is from the front room (I was too shy to take any of the backroom and patio, I really must work on that!). The mint color of this chair was just too lovely, so I couldn't resist. Hope you all are having a wonderful week filled with tiny treasures!


kalie brynn. said...

This cafe looks precious! I love the worn in look of the furniture, it makes it cozy. I know exactly what you mean about taking pictures, I also get shy about whipping my camera out. We'll work on it together!

Anonymous said...

such a cute place! I love the vintage feel.

Colleen said...

really like! i love used furniture...i just ran into your blog and it's really great, i love your photography