Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we didn't realize the forecast had been revised

I invested in a new camera (yay), but was then struck by the bitter cold and forced to stay indoors. These are some photos I took of objects around my apartment.
Music box that plays Moon River, because I once told Lindsay that if she knew a boy loved me and he asked her how to tell me it would be by playing that song outside my window.
My other new camera who I can't wait to start using (correctly with a new flash).
A viewfinder that shows old pictures of Paris.
A jewellery box my Grandpa made me when I was younger. He is my hero.
A leaf hair comb that I must fix soon.
I just liked this because it felt like I was in a tent, but really that's just my mattress behind me. I had to move it out of my bedroom for the day so a water  meter could be installed. I think I reversed it and the frame when I put it back, and my entire bed feels like it's new (refreshingly so).

 Some hairpins that I haven't used yet because I haven't found the right outfit to accompany them. suggestions?



Anonymous said...

love the photos, dear!♥

Victoria said...

Lovely photos, you have so many lovely little treasures...and your new cameras doing a good job. Do you mind if I ask what camera it is? xxx

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Amazing, as always. x hivennn

Cuppykirsten said...

Lovely <3
I really like the hairpins, maybe you could wear them with a dark grey jacket and a black skirt? I think that would be nice...

With love,

Fleur said...

i love the things you own! they are just so cute :)
very inspiring, my dear

Margaret said...

woah, you look stunning! <3

stacey margaret said...

I love your blog it is adorable.
I am doing a giveaway, have a look.

Leanna said...

LOVE the song you took this title from.

Also, I love you blog. Just found it and am quite happy to have done so. :)