Monday, February 14, 2011

You always break the kindest hearts

This Valentines has be wrought with a little confusion, glittery card making parties, aching, breakfast confessions, honesty, a man with a decision to make, and white see-through blouses. I hosted a Valentines making craft night for a Worn party, which led to silly choices, spice girls and fur dress ups. I ended up where I wanted to be, which was lovely, but complicated. The next morning (afternoon) was breakfast with my dearest friend Andrew, which is always full of laughter, gossip and love stories. Later tonight I get to wear read and sing it all out at Hearbreak Karaoke. Happy Valentines Lovelies xo


Anonymous said...

your pictures are beautiful! i love that blouse! i've been really into sheer/lace tops lately. that way i can show my tattoos in the winter. :)


This looks like a lovely Valentine's Day! Though, a man with a decision to make can sometimes be a frustrating feat to deal with. Ha!

Rosé Magritte said...


I love your blog. :3

Zuzanna said...

valentine's day - so cute.

but it is not for me.

very great blog. really :D <3

i'll follow you.!

xoxo Sue.