Monday, April 6, 2009

A room of my own

Virginia Woolf wrote that every woman should have a room of her own of she is to write. Though childhood put me in a room co-habitation situation with both my siblings at one point or another, I have been lucky enough to have my own for some time now (a perk of being of adult age and renting an apartment). The thing is, Virginia Woolf never discusses decoration of said room. I mean not even one suggestion. With a move on my horizon and a new bedroom to fill with everything me, my mind has turned to paint colours and my purse has been taken over by paint chips. But those little pieces of coloured paper just dont do it for me. I'm not very good at grasping what the colour would actually look like when applied to my beautiful new walls. This could actually be a hereditary trait since my mother is the queen of painting and then re-painting since she never likes the end result. But I will triumph and my room will be a the perfect cove for me to hide away from the world and maybe even write.
Any colour suggestions Mrs. Woolf?


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Erik Siegrist said...

I see you in pale yellow... kind of like the inside of an egg.