Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There are no birds in last year's nest

Yesterday, while checking the weather on the balcony, I felt myself being pulled into the same early spring days of 2008. The few months where weather checking on the balcony became almost impossible. I have been mildly afraid of birds since witnessing a traumatic attack on my grandma's french fries at Disney Land. Stepping off the Dumbo ride, I never would look at birds the same. Then last year a nest appeared on our balcony. Watching the eggs behind the safety of a glass window allowed me to reevaluate my fear, and I felt as though I came out of the experience with a newfound courage.
As I stepped onto the balcony yesterday, I felt a loss. Looking down to the flower pot that had nested three eggs last year, I found it empty. Confirming my belief that yes, a year had gone by, and yes, things had changed, I turned to head back inside. In the same moment Lindsay asked me if the bird was in the nest, and directed me to the south-east corner of the balcony.My eyes fell upon a dark grey pigeon wedged between the brick wall and a lawn chair. I screamed, and slammed the door. I guess not that much has changed since last spring.

Rekindling my fear of scary balcony pigeons made me feel nostalgic for last spring. Here are some photos taken around the same time last year...

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gracious said...

Birds are scary mother effers.
or as that ever classy english lass Kate Nash would say "birds can fly so high, and they can shit on your head"...oh my.