Thursday, July 15, 2010

and get yourself free

Thursday afternoon, after a nap; my two favourite things come together in one frame. Stanford, my once again thriving flower basket, and this lace bandeau I have been wearing around the house for days.


Zaira Mabel said...

omg this pictures are amazing, the lighting is just gorgeous!

kalie brynn. said...

I agree, beautiful pictures! I love the light on the flowers.

B said...

I love that lace bandeau. It is so pretty looking! I would live in it for sure. Wear it under sheer tops and probably to laze around the house and still feel pretty.

A much better alternative to the baggy gray t-shirt I am wearing as I type this :)

B from A plus B

ch▲r said...

beautiful pictures, and a beautiful blog!! i am quite enchanted ♥

Kim said...

I have a lace bandeau that i trot around the house in too! i love your tattoo! what does it say?

I'm glad your flowers are happy once more! x.x.x

Casie Jean said...

Thank you all, what lovely comments!

Kim- my tattoo is a poem from the novel the Stone Diaries by Carol Sheilds, and it says:

nothing she did
or said
was quite
what she meant
but still her life
could be called a monument
shaped in a slant
of available light
and set to the movement
of possible music

Kim said...

they are seriously perfect words.
I'm going to put that book on my "need to read" list. It must be good, those words are just lovely! x.x.x

Anonymous said...

nothing better than a bandeau! they're all i wear in the summer around the house.