Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Not as Long as this Country Mile

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of travelling to the country to my uncle's farm. The drive, though a daunting hour and a half, was most lovely. I gushed over white farm houses and small gardens, and stood in awe of a town with hundred of windmills set up throughout it. When we finally arrived, my uncle gave us a tour of his property (I hadn't been there since I was around twelve). It's isolated location made me feel as if I could explore for days and days, and I was told at the end of the property there are a bunch of trails that lead through a forest. He also has built a lovely cabin near the road, with a loft space for sleeping that is just darling. I may have to take him up on his offer to come stay. The entire day was spent lounging by the pond with family, save for one small adventure with my puppies Charley and Buster. Here are some of the photographs I took around the farm and in the back fields.


Cassidy said...

these are beautiful pictures; i LOVE your jumper . i've been searching for a ccute, summer-y jumper but can't seem to find one :{

Constance said...

Very cute photos!

Catherine said...

Ah! Such a cute romper!