Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do you suppose she's a wildflower?

Now that we're finally in July, I feel that I can start planning my birthday without the worries of feeling too self obsessed! I have wanted to have a tea party forever, but in the last few years I think I have been trying to shed my little girl image, thus have opted for more 'mature' themes. Not this year. Why not embrace my love of floral sundresses and cupcakes on my twenty third birthday? Think tea at grandma's house meets Lux Lisbon. This year's party will be a tea and picnic outing at Trinity Bellwoods (most likely with wine in lieu of actual tea). These photos are my inspiration for the (hopefully!) wonderful day.
I am in love with the idea of getting my hands on as many pillows and blankets as possible to sprawl about the park. How charming would that be?
I absolutely adore this. I am hoping the afternoon will last on into the evening, and if so these lanterns would look so enchanting. I'm thinking of using glass jars with candles for this effect, but in light of the whole wine instead of tea thing, it might be a tad dangerous!
And of course this is just wonderful. Streamers sloping from trees, rosebushes, dancing and flowers in hair.
I hope we capture the whimsy of this photograph.
List of Supplies:
pillows, blankets, cupcakes, teacups and teapot, jelly beans, mini sandwiches, bubbles
wine, twister, streamers, sparklers, macaroons from Nadege
punch bowl filled with delicious punch (spiked of course)
all of my lovelies

*speaking of Birthdays, my wonderful roommate Andrew's just passed, and this is what we made him.
I believe I mentioned a secret surprise in an earlier post. Well, this is it.
It's quite embarrassing, but to be taken in good humor.


Little Sparrow said...

Such lovely pictures! Wow.

I had a tea party for my last birthday, it was magic!

Definitely spike the punch! Heh.


Kim said...

yes have a tea party, you are never to old!
i had the loveliest tea party for my birthday.
I'm having a vodka tea party for my delinquent friends soon.
they are alcoholics i swear. either that or a hat party.
hahahah that video is so funny. i hope he loved it.
oh, Casie when is your birthday, i'm going thrifting next week ;)

rebecca said...

Oh, I love Virgin Suicides!!
And tea parties are the best, at all ages, regardless of what anyone else might say (;

Anonymous said...

oh those tea parties and their magic. x

NabilaHazirah said...

i like tea parties they're fun and so full of magic.
and your blog is wonderful.


Zaira Mabel said...

oh this is quite lovely, I hope it turns out even more magical than you expect ^_^

Constance said...

Lovely photos!

lavelle said...

these photos make me want to run through the grass with bare feet and a flowing white dress, before flopping down on a blanket and eating strawberries with my nearest and dearest

thankyou :)


Anonymous said...

your pictures and text are always so beautiful. I love your blog always!
there is an award waiting for you on my blog if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Who is the photographer of these images?

Anonymous said...

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