Sunday, July 4, 2010

Neopolitian Dreams

What a weekend full of surprise. A Friday in the park, writing a confessional letter. A Saturday afternoon spent biking to the beach as well as thrifting a few treats to send overseas for a lovely girl's belated birthday. A late night (or early morning) rooftop adventure (bruises are proof of my bravery) featuring swaying to this darling favorite. A Sunday evening heart to heart with my favorite girl in the world, followed by some biking down Shaw street and neopolitian ice cream.

Here are the stories for the collages I posted last week. I won't be reposting the photos, so let it be a fun little challenge to guess which image matches which story! These are definitely still a work in progress.

"All that was seen of her was done so behind curtains of lace. Revealing a lip here, a shoulder blade there, the fullness of her composition was sectioned off by threads. "

"Her words came out upside down, and rested themselves upon the collection of daisies. Like in glass, the words took a foreign shape. "

"His cornea became scratched with flecks of paint from her window sill. His almond eye still looks for her."

"As she buried her face in the sand, the grains crystallized into shards that embedded themselves in her skin. The wind blew it's ribbons in full gust, but they were not shed."

"The flowers nestled themselves in her navel. They split themselves and returned, multiplied by the water that pooled in her hips."

*I had a random lovely thought (or at least I think it is lovely) after leaving my bike locked outside a boys house all day while I was at work. I wasn't sure at what point I was going to go back this evening to get it. Suppose he had seen the bike there throughout the day, and then at one point left the house for a few hours. When he comes home in the evening,  it is gone. Evidence that I had been there. Maybe it's just me, but I find something truly romantic about knowing that someone had been in a particular place at a particular time just by an object that they have left, or in this case taken with them.


Constance said...

Such beautiful photographs.

gorgeousclara said...

beautiful pictures