Monday, July 12, 2010

I'll write you harmony

Last Friday found my roommate Andrew(quite the stylish chap) and I on a dazzling adventure to see Metric. We were a little late (missed both the openers) mainly due to our chatty nature and random inclination to take these photos to commemorate our night. It was a lovely time,  as we got to spend the entire show lounging on our picnic blanket, except towards the end where we went a little dance crazy. Our dancing carried on (to excessive amounts of Whitney Houston, Hall and Oates, and Mariah Carey) until morning at the always inventive Atlantic, on Dundas, where this weeks added quirk was a black light and body paint. My white blouse will need copious amounts of dry cleaning. Speaking of white, congratulations to Andie at Heartbeat Melody on her engagement! (If you haven't yet, you should definitely head to her lovely blog!) In other white dress news, I am still on the hunt for a Birthday Dress. While I was thinking about giving up the search, UO's A New Dress campaign seemed to be the universe's way of telling me to keep at it. I have made a tradition of buying myself a new dress every birthday,and it does seem like too darling of a tradition to break. please excuse the mediocre post, my mind is birthday crazed.


Diya said...

both your roomie and you look dapper! :)

Jehh said...

I want to see more of the YSL wall! you might have just sparked some crazy ideas for me!

adorable looks from both of you!

xxo. f ashioncont a gious