Friday, March 4, 2011

I turn my head up to the sky

The back of this sweater is such a treat, but I must return it to it's owner soon, so I couldn't resist taking some photos of it. This past week was a little rocky, but in the end worked out for the best. Stripes in bed, afternoon indulgences, board games, and double stripes at a farewell meeting. Hopefully this is the start of a giant shift. gahhhh light-hearted posts to come, please x.x.x


Jessica said...

i wasn't expecting that great detail on the back of your sweater- what a nice surprise! hope your weekend is even better. <3 said...

looking cute in stripes;P

louisakitsuné said...

wow, your blog is so lovely!
you're from toronto? i've been to a student exchange near toronto a couple of years ago (the city is called amherstburg, near windsor, maybe you know it ^^)
i loove canada!
bisous, louisa xxx