Wednesday, March 16, 2011

take me somewhere

Lately when I wear this trench and red lips with my hair down, I tend to feel like Lisa Mitchell's video Clean White Love (which is a pretty lovely feeling). I've been trying to do more outings with friends, and less getting stuck thinking and re-thinking about silly things like troubled boys. So, after these photos I  ran off to see Heathers with Max at the Bloor Cinema,  a place I will be visiting frequently in the future. I apologize for the repetitious backdrop and boring post, lack of time and friends that are willing to run around and take photos has got me in a little rut. Hopefully more thrilling things and better photos to come in the upcoming weeks. 


Catherine said...

going out with good friends is always a great idea. your trench is really great! i should find such a staple for myself.

Grace said...

I saw Lisa Mitchell play Clean White Love live on Sunday night, and it she was lovely lovely lovely indeed!

costra y ampolla said...

great coat!!!


B r i said...

you are such a babe!!!
I wish we could go vintage hunting together. I am so glad the scarf got to you.
I hope we keep this penpal business up.

vnikali said...

great outfit! it looks so nice on you :)