Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm into something good

I thrifted a wicker purse a few weeks ago, and finally got around to replacing the lining. I can't wait to bring it along for adventures to the park in the spring.
Here's a song I have been listening to when I wake up each morning x.x.x


Leanna said...

Oh, so cute! Good job. :)

Caitlin Rose said...

perfect lining! you're sure to have some wonderful adventures with it!

Kennedy said...

clearly you are a sewing genius, i would never be able to do this! and i love the purse <3

Pretty Things said...

wow, good job, you should put a tutorial up, i've just got into sewing and want to fix make and adjust everything at the moment :)


amy said...

Your blog is beautiful. You're such a sweet looking girl.. and I'm proud your a fellow Canadian.

Much love.xo following you

love amy ^.^

Anonymous said...

awh that is the sweetest!