Tuesday, March 29, 2011

my heart in a silver cage

This weekend had too many unexpected and unwelcome run ins, but was salvaged (adorably so) by 6am Sunday morning. These are just some lovely treasures I picked up at an estate sale this past weekend.
I don't think I've taken the hat off yet, except maybe to sleep. I get to be in a cute photoshoot for a lovely magazine called Dandyhorse this week, and am too nervous. Wish me luck x.x.x


a little ghost in orbit. said...

What a lovely watch! I am always running around trying to find a decent vintage watch but have never come across the right sort. This is definitely "the right sort"

Anonymous said...

i looove the watch!
thanks for the comment on my blog about my drawing, hope to show more in future!

Catherine said...

Oh, best of luck! And what a great hat.

Kennedy said...

ohh that hat is perfect, you shouldnt take it off! and fingers crossed for your photoshoot, i hope you'll share the photos when they come out!

Wallace Chapman said...

love the scarves ! following now..! w